Docsoft IT Scanning Services

Scanning Services

Docsoft IT can analyse your current business scanning requirements and advise on alternative solutions. Are you utilising your existing scanners or copiers effectively? Key features are often not enabled or incorrectly setup. Ensure you get the maximum return of investment from your current scanning hardware.

Often the copier's scan feature is overlooked within a business or the full potential of the scanning features are never fully understood.

Scanning benefits

  • Reduce paper storage or archiving costs.
  • Store documents on network locations.
  • Create OCR text searchable PDF documents.
  • Manage files easily within a Windows folder structure.
  • Integrates scanners with existing software or document management.

All Docsoft IT consultants are able to review and solve business process problems. Understanding the many scanner benefits and features will enable you to use the scanners efficiently.

Scanner features

  • Send authenticated emails securely.
  • Integrate with Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Integrate with document management system.
  • Process business forms directly into host applications, without data re-entry.
  • Enhance poor quality scanner images.

Docsoft IT can recommend a variety of different scanning software solutions that can integrate with a scanning project or business needs.

Achieved Documents

  • Scan all achieved documents and reduce paper storage costs.
  • Bulk offsite scanning services available.
  • Reduce achieved retrieval costs, by only scanning on demand any needed achieved documents.

Docsoft IT can discuss your individual business needs and recommend a solution or service.Call today....