Docsoft IT Remote Support Software

Remote Support Software

Docsoft IT are fully committed to providing an exceptional level of service and support to all customers. We provide email and telephone support as standard, but rest assured we have the latest remote control software. This enables our consultants to monitor and fully understand the issues or problems you are experiencing directly to control your remote desktop PC.

Docsoft IT are fully committed to reducing the annual mileage each consultant travels each year and a drastic mileage drop has already been noticed, since introducing remote support software. Customer support response times have improved and customer site visits reduced.

Webinar Presentations

Increasingly clients are requesting a webinar presentation, to enable clients and colleagues at different locations to view a presentation / demonstration on individual PCs all together. Docsoft IT consultants fully support the importance of webinars and will often encourage a webinar meeting, as this reduces everyone involved's travel times and helps keep meeting times to a minimum.


  • Low software investment costs.
  • Easy to use and minimal training.
  • Fast return of investments.
  • Can help reduce mileage travelled and reduce the carbon footprint.

If your company hasn't been introduced to the concept of using web based technology for support and meetings, let Docsoft IT introduce you to it. The potential time saved will very quickly outlay software investment costs. Call today....