Docsoft IT Printer Control Software

Printer Control Software

As an independent print analysis consultant, Docsoft IT can analyse your current printing process and departmental printing needs. After analysing the detailed print audit data, we can advise on suitable print control software and how best to manage the printer & copier fleet.

Print Audit Process

By analysing the print audit data, we can understand who prints documents and where and when these are printed, who within the business prints the most documents and whether the documents are produced in colour or mono, simplex or duplex and paper size used. Are your users printing to the nearest logical printer or selecting a different printer based on business needs?

Printer Strategy

Large and small organisations often overlook the importance of a printer strategy. Docsoft IT can set clearly defined company wide goals and standards and continue to measure and monitor the objectives set within the printer strategy, to produce print cost savings.

Printer Management

The printer strategy has already defined company wide printing rules and defaults settings. This could include setting duplex or double sided printing on all printers & copiers as default. Educating the users about the relative costs associated with printing to high cost printers will provide a cheaper means of printing.

Print Reduction

Reduce spending on printers & copiers by managing and controlling wastage and usage. Restrict the maximum amount of pages printed to expensive local printers and encourage users to print to the most efficient equipment. Target and educate high usage clients.


A Docsoft IT consultant can discuss the print savings and printer control software options available. Call today....