Docsoft IT Printer Strategies

Independent Printer Strategy

Docsoft IT is independent of any printer hardware vendors, and as such can recommend printer strategies based solely on their suitability for your business needs. Office printing can often be overlooked and not managed efficiently and as colour demands increases, the inkjet cost per page rises. Your low cost printer often has high cost consumables, you need a print strategy to reduce printing costs.

Docsoft IT use the latest print audit software during the printer analysis. Once we understand how your company produces printed documents, we formulate a print strategy, to produce print cost savings. With no desire to sell printer hardware, a truly impartial consultative service is offered.

What to expect:

  • A complete printer audit of your printer & copier fleet.
  • A detailed understanding of the monthly usage on all printers & copiers.
  • A monthly cost breakdown of all printers & copiers.
  • An alternative print strategy.
  • Predicted cost savings.
  • An environmentally friendlier printing alternative.

Once Docsoft IT have completed a detailed independent print analysis and highlighted high cost devices, expect a typical printing cost savings in the region of 20% to 30% of your current printing costs. Docsoft IT use the latest print management and printer control software to reduce printer costs, so why not let Docsoft IT start to save you money!
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