Docsoft IT Environmental Strategy

Environmental Print Strategy

Docsoft IT consultants can offer practical advice to help improve a company's environmental print strategy or even implement a paperless office solution. Simply improving and streamlining current document and printing processes often results in saving money and a positive environmental effect. We have included a few simple ways:

Reduce Printer Costs.

  • Set a clear environmental print strategy.
  • Remove high cost printers and replace with multifunction copiers.
  • Manage, control and reduce printing.
  • Reduce uncollected prints and paper wastage.

Stop Producing Paper Invoices.

  • Stop printing invoices and convert all invoices to a PDF images.
  • Email clients directly a PDF invoices.
  • Save on printing costs, envelope sorting costs, postage costs and labour.
  • Clients receive an environmentally friendly invoice more quickly and efficiently.

Docsoft IT can look at various options available to your business and help advise the most cost efficient environmental document and print strategy. We all have a social responsibility to do more for the environment and reduce printer usage, so let Docsoft IT help. Set a green printing policy and start reducing prints. Call today....