Docsoft IT Data Capture Process

Data Capture Process

Following the initial consultation and data capture process audit, Docsoft IT can analyse how the data can be organised. Typically the data capture process will either be in an electronic document or paper based format.

Docsoft IT can recommend a software solution based around business needs and objectives. You may require historical documents to be scanned using an existing office scanner or stored in a secure offsite location. We can assist with archived documents storage and the retrieval process. Simplifying the archived document storage, document retrieval process and reduce costs by only scanning documents on demand.

Data can be captured from numerous sources and easily managed centrally.

Typical electronic format data types can be.

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Emails.
  • Image documents include PDF, Tiff, JPEG or XPS.
  • Capturing host data whilst creating invoices and delivery notes.
  • Extracting data form scanned images.
  • CAD drawings.

Typical hard format data types can be.

  • Printed documents.
  • Incoming postal letters.
  • Accounts payable documents.
  • Any paper based documents.

Most businesses are not able to control how documents are received, but Docsoft IT can help you manage these documents centrally and securely.

Let us help you reduce labour intensive processes and start working more efficiently. Reduce time and money spent finding lost or incorrectly filed documents. Call today....